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Women Care Clinic

Biral Seva Sadan’s woman care clinic is armed with the most advanced and dynamic techniques designed keeping in mind the unique health care demands of all ages and stages in a lady’s life


Multi-Disciplinary Out Patient Clinics

A team of multidisciplinary physicians regarded for their dexterity have brought this department to the forefront. Successfully dealing with a dynamic magnitude of typical to atypical maladies leaves Biral Seva Sadan’s patients hugely satisfied with the treatment. Our team includes:
ONCOLOGISTS – Cancer Treatment Specialist.
CARDIOLOGISTS – Heart Care Specialist.
PULMONOLOGIST – Lung Care Specialist.
ENDOCRINOLOGIST – Glandular Care Specialist.
NEUROLOGIST – Nerve Care Specialist.
UROLOGIST – Urinary Tract Care Specialist.
NEPHROLOGIST – Kidney Care Specialist.
OTOLARYNGOLOGIST – Ear-Nose-Throat Care Specialist.


Dietetics Clinic

Most illnesses today are caused by wrong lifestyle choices. In the struggle to manage family, career and finances, people often by-pass balanced diets and rely on unhealthy, easily accessible alternatives. The dietetic clinic aims to aid patients through private consultations with vastly experienced dieticians who draw beneficial and accomplish-able diet plans that do not call for radical changes yet pushes one down a healthier path.


Orthopaedic Clinic

Age, accidents or sudden disorders of the skeletal structure and its associates disrupts the course of day to day activities in severe ways. The orthopedists of Biral Seva Sadan and kinesiology rehabilitation specialists run the clinic with a determination to make a difference. Patients receive healing therapeutic guidance to manage pain and regain control over their movements. Advanced techniques and procedures are implemented to resolve problems that simply call for support.


Pre-Natal Clinic

A child gives birth to a mother. The days leading up to becoming a mother, is a time of great excitement as well as worry. Biral Seva Sadan’s pre-natal clinic provides pregnant families an end-to-end treatment plan with warm, responsive and available medical attention


Infertility Clinic

Biral Seva Sadan is a reproductive health center that provides a wide range of comprehensive personalized infertility treatment options like diagnosing and treating high risk pregnancy, folliculometry, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic dye test and intra-uterine insemination.


Paediatric Clinic

A child is always the centre of a family’s existence. any illness troubling a child forces all joys out of family’s life. Affectionate and lettered paediatricians aid our young clients and their caregivers to cope with a diversified range of common to complex illnesses and gain speedy recovery momentum.

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