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General Wards

Cost is one of the reasons why a majority of people never make it to treatment. Biral Seva Sadan’s general wards provide premium quality healthcare at affordable rates. Patients get to interact with others alike yet are assured their own personal space and privacy all without the tension of rising medical expenses.


Residential Medical Officers

The nursing home team includes experienced and competent residential doctors available round the clock to serve in house patients and for outdoor consultations.


Semi-Private Cabins

For patients who do not wish to stay alone or share space with a bigger group Biral Seva Sadan’s semi-private cabins cater a optimally conducive solution. These twin sharing or triple sharing cabins are hugely preferable as they characterise the best of both ends.


Deluxe Cabins

The nursing home offers spacious individual occupancy, air-conditioned cabins with home like privacy and other unique special care facilities.


Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care unit true to its name includes a team of qualified nurses and residential intensivists who monitor patient vitals by the second and provide thorough medical assistance to critically ill and highly dependant patients. Our team is equipped with ventilators, defibrillators and temporary pacemakers to deal with a wide range of unforeseen emergencies.


Orthopaedic Surgery Unit

Orthopaedic surgeons are artists who reconstruct broken pieces into a greater whole. Biral Seva Sadan’s orthopaedic surgery unit with well invested technological back up like advanced C-Arm & portable x-ray machines takes graphic measures to reabilitate a wide range of bone joint ailments including trauma, tumours, deformity and replacements through surgical interventions.


Micro-Surgery Unit

Our facility is equipped to host and facilitate microvascular surgery procedures having the best equipment and a highly efficient response team to support surgeons in their needs during the surgeries


Neuro- Surgery Unit

Patients from across West Bengal and beyond the state’s borders have successfully had their neurological infirmities reinstated within Biral Seva Sadan’s groomed and able neuro-surgery unit. Surgeons not only diagnose and operate on complex neurological disorders but also guide patients through the post operative rehabilitation phase.


Paediatric Surgery Unit

Providing speciality support and solution for all paediatric related complication, whether minor or major is available in our unit

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