kalpana a mental health care unit


In the fond memory of Mrs. Kalpana Chatterjee, beloved mother and grandmother who left us for her heavenly abode on 22nd January 2007 we have established – ‘Kalpana’- a mental health care unit in our nursing home – Biral Seva Sadan.

*Our mental health promotional services include:
1. Individual counseling.
2. Couples counseling.
3. Family counseling.
4. Educational counseling.
5. Developmental counseling.
6. Rehabilitation counseling.
7. Expressive therapy (Art, Music, Drama, Movement & Play).
8. Psychiatrist consultation.*

Privacy ensured and uniquely individualized therapists with specialized experience and training are ready to cater to a dynamic range of mental wellness hurdles.

The first step to healing is accepting one has a problem and reaching out for help. If anyone you know is battling any form of psycho-social distress kindly let them know about Kalpana.

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